Law of Insurance

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Law of Insurance by Dr. Avtar Singh is an outstanding book which explains the Insurance Law in the most coherent and logical manner. The current third edition of the book has been thoroughly revised and updated with the latest case laws and contemporary developments in various spheres of Insurance Law. The present book begins with a statement of the general principles affecting all forms of insurance. It then moves on to specific forms of insurance as life, fire, theft, marine, motor accident, personal accident, medical, etc. Powers and duties of a regulatory authority and the statutory framework of insurance have been discussed in detail. A separate chapter deals with the business of insurance from the perspective of consumer protection law. This edition thoroughly covers judicial contribution towards explanations of statutory provisions. For example, the concept of an accident and losses directly caused by it; the concept of public place for the purposes of law of insurance; whether insurance is a commercial transaction and any ambiguities have to be resolved in favour of the insured; whether an award can exceed the amount claimed, etc. Also the changes brought about by the Insurance Laws (Amendment) Act, 2015 have been discussed.