Supreme Court on Marriage & Divorce Cruelty/Dowry Death Custody, Adoption and Maintenance

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The present two volume digest is the most comprehensive, systematic and analytical work on Marriage & Divorce, Maintenance, Adoption, Guardianship and Custody of Children covering the complete law on the subject as laid by the Supreme Court from its inception in 1950 to date. The digest also includes all the rulings on Dowry, Cruelty, Abetment of Suicide and Dowry Death as often these matters also involve criminal cross cases. In India the Law of Marriage & Divorce and allied subjects is a combination of general law i.e. law which applies regardless of a person’s religion or community, and personal laws. Moreover, the Supreme Court has ruled that many important aspects of the Law of Marriage and Divorce and allied subjects are uniformly applicable regardless of personal law. Hence, the authors have adopted this spirit of Uniform Civil Code as the guiding principle for arranging the case law in this digest.