Public International Law

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Public International Law is written keeping in mind the papers prescribed by the Bar Council of India for BA.LLB and LLB Courses. It will also be a useful reference for LLM and PhD students. Further, the text will be extremely useful for the Post-Graduate Diploma and Certificate Courses on International Law, particularly International Human Rights, International Humanitarian Law, and Refugee Law. Public International Law is a well-researched work on the subject of International Law. Beginning with an introductory chapter, the text covers all important aspects of International Law, such as sources of International law, its subjects, relationship between international law and municipal law, different aspects of recognition, State jurisdiction and State responsibility. It also covers the law and practice of treaties, diplomatic and consular relations and the law relating to air, space and the sea. Further, international institutions, International Court of Justice, settlement of disputes, law of force, international humanitarian law, International Criminal Court, refugee law, and international human rights have also been discussed in detail.