NRI Regulations - Decoding the Complexity

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The book "NRI Regulations - Decoding the Complexity" focusses on Indian legislative requirements applicable to NRIs along with allied issues and relevant proposals of Union Budget 2016. The first part covers foreign exchange regulations in respect of various investment options in India available to NRIs and key features of Foreign Direct Investment Policy. In addition, relevant facilities available for repatriation of money from India and NRIs returning for permanent settlement in India have also been discussed. The second part attempts to decode the complexity relating to taxability of income in India in the hands of NRIs along with applicable compliances and procedures under domestic tax law. The relevant provisions of the tax treaty for mitigation of double taxation of various types of incomes like capital gains, interest income, dividends, etc., have also been covered.The third part focusses on other regulations like Visa, Overseas Citizenship of India, Indian Citizenship and Baggage Rules