Worldwide Business Tax Guide in 3 vols

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World is experiencing a surge in the trade and commerce among the countries, and with technology advancement, beneficial trade agreements and the National policies, this swing is looked ahead to continue. Business houses are aggressively involved in structuring Business and Identifying the most Beneficial Trade Partners across Globe for their growth across boundaries. Tax regime of a Country becomes one of the significant criteria in decision making, and an insight into a Country’s Tax structure and policies hence becomes essential. World Wide Business Tax Guide assimilates information on Taxation of 73 countries. It encompasses information on Direct, Indirect, Local Taxes and other as in application and in effect in these Jurisdictions. It includes commentary on Inbound and Outbound Taxation of a country. It is a complete Tax Manual covering the tax regimes, law and practice of 73 countries at one place, in a lucid manner, providing the user with an insight to the taxation laws prevailing outside India. Key Features *Tabular Presentation of Tax Regime of a Country *Tabular Presentation of Withholding Tax Rates in a Country *Complete Guide to a Tax Regime of the Country *Commentary on Inbound and Outbound Taxation