P Ramanatha Aiyars Advanced Law Lexicon–The Encyclopaedic Law Dictionary with Words and Phrases, Legal Maxims and Latin Terms

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This encyclopaedic essential reference work covers over 75,000 entries containing all statutory and judicial definitions of key standard legal words, maxims and phrases. The work also includes: *Entries from emerging areas of law covering Information Technology, Cyber Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Intellectual Property Rights and International Trade and Commerce *Terms from specialized areas such as commerce, stock exchange, forensic medicine, mercantile, maritime and military law *Numerous special terms governing customs, which are prevalent in many parts of India *Words peculiar to Hindu Law, Muslim Law and the other personal laws *Words, phrases and expressions which are peculiar to English Statutes, decisions and treatises that have made their entry in Indian legal literature *Words defined in standard legal text books such as the works of Justice Story, Blackstone, Williams and Russell have been adopted under appropriate entries * Also includes a collection of Latin terms, Legal Maxims, Historical/Archival words, definitions from standard legal textbooks, European legal terms, and Indian regional terms *Approximately 6000 new definitions covering Supreme Court and High Court judgments as well as Central Acts, Rules, Regulations, Guidelines, Notifications and Circulars have been added in the revised edition. *Widely cited in Supreme Court and High Court Judgments *All latest Central Acts, Rules, Regulations, Guidelines, Notifications and Circulars have been exhaustively covered *The existing definitions have been replenished by adding citations of recent judgments which have reiterated the existing definitions