Scientific Techniques in Criminal Investigation

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This edition is an absolute rewritten version of the previous edition, or more appropriately complete overhauling of that edition, wherein some of the broad contemporary methods available for the purpose of criminal investigation such as portrait parle, Photofit, Psychological Profilling. Voice Identification, Lie Detection, Brain Mapping Brain Fingerprinting, Narco Analysis, Polygraphy, Police Photography, Balistics, Serology, Handwriting Identification - Physical Evaluation - Chemical Analysis - Biological Assays - Psychological analysis, Photography of Documents, Odontology, Dactisocopy, Toxicology, DNA Profiling, Marks, Scratches and Physical fits, Identification of stolen Property, Fingerprints, Palmprints, etc., in addition to examination of witnesses and accused have been discussed. Judgments delivered by the Supreme Court have been discussed as case laws under the topic of Confession, Identification, Forensic Science, Handwriting Forensics, Fingerprints, Footprints, Poision, Road Accidents, Rape Unnatural Offence, Asphyxia, Abortion and Death.