Simplified Handbook Model Bye Laws of Cooperatove Housing Socities, Apartment Ownership with elements of Conveyance and Redevelopment

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*The Constitution (Ninety-seventh) Amendment Act, 2011 *Model Bye-laws of Co-operative Housing Societies *The Maharashtra Co-operative Societies (Election to Committee) Rules, 2014 *The Maharashtra State Co-operative Election Authority (Conditions of Service of Commissioner) Rules, 2014, *Circulars in English / Circulars in Marathi *Latest Notifications -Relevant Provisions of the Maharashtra Stamp Act -Relevant Provisions of the Maharashtra Rent Control Act, 1999 -RTI Applies to Co-operative Societies* *Gist of Cases *Formats – Police Circular – Intimation regarding Tenant/Occupant / Licensee – Declaration regarding Parking Spaces, to be submitted to the Registrar – NOC (English & Marathi) APARTMENT OWNERSHIP *The Maharashtra Apartment OwnershipAct 1970 *Maharashtra Apartment ownership Rules – 1972 *Brief Observation on MAOA & MCS Act *Formats: Deed of Apartment, Agreement for Sale of the Apartment ,Gist of Cases (Mumbai & Others) *Important Issues *Stilt Parking cannot be sold *Sale of Terraces by Builders to Flat Owners in a Society *Society's Charges should be recovered within 3 years from the time they become due *Society's charges can be recovered from a Non-member *Nomination and Nominee in a Co-operative Housing Society *Legal Position of Over-Stay by a Licensee *Professionals in a Co-operative Housing Society *Charges in a Housing Society *Registration of Documents *Duties and functions of office Bearers of Housing Societies CONVEYANCE & REDEVELOPMENT *Conveyance *Floor Space Index (FSI) *Development Rights Certificate (DRC) *Development Plan (DP) *Redevelopment Concept, Benefits, Drawbacks, Procedure